The operation of the car terminal in Piraeus was launched in 1995, in Drapetsona under G1 car terminal, along with the introduction of other conventional cargo in the warehouse of the region. With the demolition of the warehouse (2002), the entire area of 69.000m2 was granted for the movement –storage of cars only, providing a storage capacity of 4.500 cars. From 1999, at N. Ikonio, under G2 car terminal, the first Car Carriers are served and the first cars are stored in 2.300 slots, in an area of 17.150sq.m.

In 2005 the new Car Terminal, with an area of 74.000m2, begins operation, which resulted from sand - filling the port area of Karvounoskala. In 2009 the complex G8, 9 and 10 is demolished and the space is reserved for the Car Terminal. During the first half of 2011, with the modern requirements imposed by the international standards of car terminals, a new space of approximately 24.000sq.m. is created for the movement and storage of cars.

In 2011 the parking space of G1 terminal stood at 45.980sq.m, with capacity of 2.300 slots, after the grant of 21.860sq.m, for the interior Ro-Ro traffic.

In July 2013 the construction of OSE’s (Hellenic railway agency) port-side train station and its connection with the car terminal (G2) is a fact.